The Centre offers rooms and facilities to a variety of organisations which are active in caring, counselling, rehabilitation and community welfare.

Other groups who follow similar interests, particularly those working for the benefit of young people, are welcome to use the premises.

Provides a comprehensive and integrated service for children and adults with Asperger Syndrome. Assists those with Asperger Syndrome, their families and others who come into contact with them.

Tel: 01603 620500

Free counselling and treatment for anyone affected by problem gambling.

Working with small businesses to create apprenticeship positions, and working with young people to get them into the perfect opportunity.

The Family Mediation Trust is a charity dedicated to limiting the pain and cost of divorce, separation, child contact issues and family disputes.

We know the breakup of any relationship is painful and difficult, especially if children are involved. With the support of a professionally trained mediator, we can help you and your ex reach agreements to help you move forward, including childcare arrangements or how to divide property and finances.
Mediation is free for those on very low incomes who are eligible for Legal Aid, and costs between £120 and £180 for paying clients so it is a cheaper, less stressful alternative than a battle through the Courts.
We offer appointments here at the Charing Cross Centre Monday to Friday, providing a safe, impartial place to discuss the terms of your separation.

We aim to see clients within a fortnight of your call, helping you move forward and build a new future as quickly and effectively as possible.

For more information call our experienced team on 01603 620588,
or find out more about family mediation and its benefits by visiting

We transform lives by breaking down barriers to life-changing opportunities.