• 1500’s

    Part of the building now called the Charing Cross Centre dates from the fifteenth century and was probably the home of John Marsham, Mayor of Norwich in 1518. The Cedars Suite and main entrance comprise what was his house.

    The current reception area was once a courtyard known as Boswells Court, which was reached by a passage which is now the Resources Centre. The Lounge and Study were cottages which looked into the courtyard.

  • 1800’s

    The Norwich Directory for 1896 records that Charles Dennes “perambulator and rocking horse manufacturer” lived and worked here and it remained Dennes Home Furnishers until the 1950’s.

  • 1980’s

    During the 1982 renovation several earlier footings were found beneath the ground floor and there were four wells.

  • 1990’s

    In 1994 a second floor of rooms was added by converting unused loft space and general access was improved with the installation of a lift to the first floor.

    In March 1999 the Trustees successfully negotiated the purchase of the freehold from Norfolk County Council.


Opposite the Centre is the site of the medieval market where dyes were sold to the wool industry.

The root madder, used to make a popular red dye, lent its name to the area, hence Maddermarket.