Centre Kitchen and Rooms Upgrades

The newly replanned kitchens three years ago launched our intention to upgrade many aspects of the Centre.
The major refurbishment of our toilet accommodation has been very well received.

We were very grateful to IKEA who offered new furniture, fittings and decorations to our reception space.
Their work and generosity has transformed this area into an attractive waiting area.

charing cross centre reception

IKEA also provided furniture to improve two of our first floor one to one counselling rooms.
The other two adjacent rooms have been upgraded to the same standard.
All these rooms now provide relaxed and welcoming spaces.

We now look smart outside too, as we had the building frontage painted a few months ago.

charing cross centre front view

The Centre now has a more robust WiFi connection to cater for increased demand.

We will continue with our decorating upgrades over the next few months.

If you need to book a room for Conferences, Meetings, Training Courses and Seminars or a space to work in, we have a wide range of rooms available starting at just £11

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