The Government has relaxed the COVID legal requirements.

We are all aware that a Covid variant continues to spread rapidly so we all still need to be aware of this when using the centre. Please keep to our Covid recommendations.

  • We strongly recommend and request that face masks continue to be used by everyone using this building in all public areas – reception- kitchens- corridors- lavatories.
  • We wish to operate a one metre+ distancing regime.
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the reception entrance and we urge you to still continue using the test and trace service here at the entrance.
  • All rooms will be checked and fittings cleaned between each hiring.
  • During this summer period, we recommended and request that windows are opened in the rooms you are using if possible.
  • The organisation of the room you have hired will be your responsibility and the staff are available to assist and advise.

These measures will ensure the continuing safety for our visitors, users and staff.

For those who may feel unwell we have a first aid/ recovery room for your use.

Thank you for your cooperation.